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Download Guide for "World Heritage Series 03~Mont Saint-Michel Full version"





How to Paint animated backgrounds "World Heritage Series 03 ~Mont Saint-Michel~ Full version"" You can see the entire painting process of "World Heritage Mont Saint-Michel" in 2 hour and 15 minutes. You can watch and download videos using the URL and password described in the "Download Guide". Please watch the video following the instructions in the download guide (see product image). *Windows or Mac recommended. If you are planning to watch on a device such as another OS or tablet, please try to see if you can watch the sample data from the URL below. https://nicker-shop.com/items/6185df38a92a7878606ddf3e Data volume of "Download Guide":3.59MB Data volume of video recorded in "Download Guide"(You can download your preferred resolution below from the URL listed in the "Download Guide") Full HD (1080p): 4.35GB HD (720p): 1.52GB SD (540p): 932MB Recording time: 2 hour 14 minutes 35 seconds * If you think that the data volume of the video to be downloaded is large, please watch it with streaming playback. You can use the chapter function when watching with streaming playback. *English translations of Japanese subtitles are listed on page 4 of the "Download Guide". The English translation uses a translation application. (see product image) Cooperation: Yoichi Watanabe /Animation Art Director, VASA Entertainment Co. *The copyright of this download guide and the recorded video belongs to NICKER COLOUR CO.,LTD. Except for personal enjoyment by the purchaser, duplication or adaptation without the permission of the right holder, It is a copyright infringement to make it available for public transmission through a network, etc.